NDIS and Play Therapy

Play Therapy Melbourne is an approved provider of NDIS services.  Play therapy is accessible to children of varying abilities, including those with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and those with neurological, learning, physical or sensory impairments. Play therapy is particularly suitable for children who are non-verbal, verbally delayed, or struggle to put their feelings into words, as play does not require speech.

Play Therapy and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Many children with ASD have difficulties with play, often playing at a level much younger than their chronological age. Play therapy can help children develop their play skills, which then aids their improvement in many areas specific and non-specific to ASD. For example, play therapy has been shown to help children with ASD improve in the areas of:

  • Social interaction and competence

  • Emotion regulation

  • Language ability

  • Flexibility

  • Problem solving

  • Cooperating and negotiating with others

  • Self-esteem

Play therapy can also help children address emotional issues, such as anxiety, that often occur in conjunction with ASD. The following section, on the benefits of Play Therapy and other disabilities, also applies to children with ASD.

Play Therapy and other disabilities

Play Therapy can help children with other disabilities, including neurological, learning, physical or sensory impairments. Children with disabilities have often had difficult life experiences that many other children have not had to face. This can make their journey lonely and difficult to make sense of.

Play therapy is an effective way of helping children:

  • Make sense of their disability and accept the limitations it may impose on them

  • Express and explore difficult feelings

  • Achieve a more positive view of themselves and their own value, increasing their self-esteem

  • Improve their family and social relationships, behaviour, and readiness to learn

  • Develop emotionally and socially due to increased awareness and confidence

  • Improve communication skills and emotional literacy.

Play Therapy Melbourne believes one of the most important aspects of treatment, is giving children the message that ‘you are ok exactly the way you are’. It is this message that is so powerful in allowing the child to grow.

Christine Harkin
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