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Psychological healing through play

Help your child reach their full potential

At Play Therapy Melbourne we are a dedicated team of qualified Mental Health professionals who we are guided by our understanding of interpersonal neurobiology and the nervous system. We use this evidenced based approach to support regulation and help re-pattern a Childs Nervous system, while promoting integration. We understand that children’s biology is attempting to integrate their sympathetic (hyper-aroused) and dorsal para sympathetic (hypo-aroused) states as they work through their traumatic memories and sensations.

We are proud of our work with many lead organisations across the state and have focused on delivering the best quality therapeutic and evidence based supports since 2010.

Our Giving back program is one of the cornerstones of our practice and links children and families most in need to therapeutic supports.

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Committed to an evidence based approach

Our Services

Child Centred Play Therapy

Child Centred Play Therapy

Our approach is non-directive; rather than the clinician ‘guessing’ what therapeutic activity would be most helpful to the child, our non-directive approach means we let the child guide us, through their play and ways of interacting, to the exact source of their issue.

Animal Assisted Play Therapy

Animal Assisted Play Therapy

We are proud to offer Animal Assisted Therapy in clinic and in schools and outreach across Melbourne. Therapy dogs are used to complement and enhance Group Therapy through interaction and play

Group Therapy

Play Therapy Melbourne groups provide children with a supported and controlled environment in which their challenges can be worked through in real time, as they are happening. Children are placed in groups with peers of similar ages and/or with similar concerns.

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Additional Services

Play Therapy Melbourne are a dedicated team of clinicians who are passionate about children’s counselling and are committed to helping your child reach their full potential. We believe that our focus should be on quality rather than quantity so we are able to ensure the highest standard of child therapy across our clinicians.

Parent Support Sessions

Parent Support Sessions

Play Therapy Melbourne clinicians can work with parents and carers to help resolve their parenting concerns and increase parenting confidence

Cognitive Assessments

If your child is struggling with learning, an education or health professional may have suggested your child get a cognitive assessment, or you may be thinking about this yourself.

Adolescent Counselling

Adolescent Counselling

A common frustration parents often report is a reluctance for their teens to engage with support. We try and make this as manageable as possible by facilitating both in-clinic and online sessions.

Kids Wellbeing Therapy


Play Therapy Melbourne recognises the lack of child and adolescent therapy services in many areas of Australia. We also recognise there are some people who just aren’t able to get to appointments.

School readiness

School Readiness

The aim of this program is to support children with their transition to Primary School. School entry involves a key transition for all children.

We can support children with many concerns, including but not limited to: Angry or Aggressive Behaviours, Attachment Concerns, Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Bullying, Chronic Illness, Depression, Divorce and Separation, Emotional Regulation, Family Changes, Gender Variance, Generalised Anxiety, Grief and Loss, Low Self-Esteem, Medical Anxiety, Neglect, Oppositional Behaviours, Physical Abuse, Selective Mutism, Separation Anxiety, Sexual Abuse, School Difficulties, Sleeping Difficulties, Social Issues, Toileting Issues, Trauma.

NDIS Registered Provider

An NDIS Approved Provider 

We offer many services for clients which are funded under the NDIS.  We use evidence based techniques and are excited and passionate about the results we have seen in our clinic. 

Supporting children and Families since 2010

Why Play Therapy

Play Therapy Melbourne  are a dedicated team of clinicians who are passionate about children’s counselling and are committed to helping your child reach their full potential. 

NDIS Approved Provider
Evidence based
A small dedicated team
Supporting Families across Melbourne

Latest research

Meta-analytic findings clearly confirm the effectiveness of play therapy, specifically CCPT approaches that encourage parents and caregivers to be actively involved in the child’s treatment.

Dr. Dan Siegel discusses the 'YES' brain approach to parenting
Dr. Dan Siegel discusses the 'YES' brain approach to parenting
Autism, the Brain, and How Play Therapy Can Help Your Child
Autism, the Brain, and How Play Therapy Can Help Your Child
Dr. Dan Siegel discusses the YES brain approach to parenting 

We are in 4 convenient locations across Melbourne

Moonee Ponds, Frankston, Eltham and Geelong. Outreach support across wider Melbourne in Schools and educational settings, organisations and home based.

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