Group Therapy

Play Therapy Melbourne runs several groups in its clinics throughout the year and facilitates groups in many schools and organisations across Melbourne.

We are excited to announce that our group programs are returning at multiple locations and enrolments are now open.  Spaces are strictly limited – especially with current density requirements, and places will be allocated on a first-come basis. Due to the high demand for these groups, we apologise for any disappointment and encourage you to remain on our waitlist for upcoming groups.


We are committed to ensuring your child has the best possible experience in our Group Program.

An initial parent consult via a phone call will be conducted prior to group allocation and payment. This will be an opportunity for us to gain a deeper understanding of your child and ensure that we are placing your child in the most appropriate group to support your goals. During this time we are happy to answer any specific questions you may have relating to our group program. We will also ask you to kindly complete an intake form and an Assessment tool to help us identify goals and measure outcomes.

To register for a group, please use the link above. You will be sent an acceptance email and an invoice to confirm your interest. Your place will only be confirmed once your first instalment is received. Our fee structure for all Group Therapy programs is in alignment with the NDIS Price Guide.

Brain Power School Readiness Program
4-5 years old

Our popular and highly regarded School Readiness Program will be offered at multiple locations in February 2022. 

Play Therapy Melbourne’s School Readiness Program is specifically designed and facilitated by experienced educators and credentialed play therapists to support children with the social and emotional skills they require to transition into Primary School.  The Program curriculum integrates both intentional teaching and child-led approaches and experiences and is based on the individual needs and interests of the children attending.  These play-based experiences include art, craft, construction, movement, music, stories, role-play, games, mindfulness and relaxation.  Children are also supported to be more independent and confident in their learning, develop emotional and social regulation and increase their capacity to self-care.  We have a high ratio of facilitators to children and small class sizes remain so that each child can benefit from close therapeutic support and scaffolding to practice their skills among their peers and gain confidence within a dynamic “real-world” social learning environment.  And of course, it is fun!

Programs have been collaboratively designed, using evidence-based approaches, by our multi-disciplinary team, including input from occupational therapists and speech pathologists who observe portions of the group.  At the conclusion of the Program, parents/carers will receive a personalised report and recommendations to support your child’s transition into Prep.

Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first-come basis.  

This is an 8-session program, with each session lasting 2.5 hours from 9.30am – 12pm.
There are two options for January group programs:


Option 1: 3 – 13 January
Option 2: 16 – 25 January


Moonee Ponds

Cost: $2111.95


Includes written feedback report and recommendations from Educator/Mental Health Professional/Occupational Therapist, and 30 minute Parent/Carer feedback session.

Costs: $2,111.95

Small group size. NDIS approved provider.

Social Skills Group
7 – 12 years old

Social skills are the tools we use to successfully communicate and interact with the world. Developing social skills increases a child’s sense of belonging, confidence, wellbeing and agency to move through life with an ability to establish and maintain connections. Our Social Skills Group, is a child-centred program which focuses on engaging children between ages 7-12yrs through fun open-ended tasks where the aim is to build connections, feel part of a group and establish strategies to support children’s social development. Our Social Skills Group runs for 90 minutes across 8 sessions. Each session delivers an engaging activity, which will provide for shared experiences, confidence building, personal expression and team work. Alongside these foundational outcomes, we will also be exploring strategies and tools which target specific social skills, such as communication and expression, empathy, active listening, turn-taking and emotional regulation.


Our enrolment process begins with an initial parent consultation over the phone, followed by the completion of enrolment forms and payment.


At the conclusion of the program, you will receive an individualised written report and final phone consult.

This is an 8-session program, with each session lasting 1.5 hours from 2 – 3.30pm.

Moonee Ponds

Dates: January 3 – 6 and 10 – 13


Dates: January 1620 and 23 – 25


Costs: $1267.17

Small group size. NDIS approved provider.

Brain Power Program
Prep and above

The Brain Power program supports children, educators, and families by providing presentations and collaboration, mentoring and coaching opportunities with qualified therapeutic specialists who are guided by the understanding of interpersonal neurobiology and the nervous system.


This program will be delivered across Kindergartens from 2023.

Costs: $1,890 – $7,552

Small group size. NDIS approved provider.
Fun with Food
6-9 years old

In this group, led by one of our expert Occupational Therapists, children will learn the basic functional skills required for food preparation including hygiene, selecting correct ingredients and equipment, following a step-by-step recipe and using a knife to butter bread and chop up ingredients. They will work together as a team to develop a shopping list of items they will need, be given a demonstration on how to make a simple recipe. Children will then be provided with a recipe for which they will collect the ingredients and follow the recipe step by step.  The aim of this group is to increase executive functioning skills, social skills, and increase independence in self-care tasks.  We ask that children bring a lunchbox so that they can take the food that they create home to eat.   

New groups announced soon


Includes Occupational Therapy feedback report and recommendations to support children in areas of growth.

Costs: $365-519

Small group size. NDIS approved provider.

Art and mindfulness groups
7-10 years old and  11-15  years old

These Occupational Therapist lead groups give an opportunity to visually express and record feelings, perceptions and imagination through creative arts therapies. Incorporating artistic expression with story, movement, paint and pastels, rehearse social skills, experience positive interactions with peers and develop strategies for self-regulation.

  • Strengthen communication skills
  • Boost critical thinking
  • Encourages expression of feelings
  • Develops artistic expression
  • Cultivates body awareness & mindfulness
  • Builds confidence and self-esteem
  • Cultivates collaboration
  • Embody techniques for self-regulation

New groups announced soon

Costs: $634-748

Small group size. NDIS approved provider.

Community Art Therapy
12-17 years old

This is a community art group for teenagers focusing on social skills, collaboration, peer support and positive social interactions. This group, led by one of Play Therapy Melbourne’s Registered Art Therapists, will use art to foster imagination and creative thinking, and expression. It will help empower teens and allow them to find their strengths while working with and alongside others.  

New groups announced soon

Costs: $748

Small group size. NDIS approved provider.

LEGO Building Fun
4-6 years old & 7-10 years old

The LEGO fun group will focus on developing connections with other children and building on social skills and teamwork such as listening to and following instructions through the use of LEGO. Led by an Occupational Therapist, these groups will also develop fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and visual motor skills.

New groups announced soon

Costs: $365

Small group size. NDIS approved provider.

Dance & Movement Therapy

Dance & Movement Therapy is an effective way to improve social and emotional well-being for children.  Since it is group-based, there is already an opportunity to practice social skills safely within a social environment.  

Hip-hop & Relaxation

This therapy group aims to build positive and healthy social skills through dance and movement-based activities.  Participants will learn a cool and upbeat movement style, as well as calming relaxation movements, and developing techniques for self-regulation through both.  Participants will also be able to explore their creativity, practice executive functioning skills and build confidence to support well-being for all participants. 

These sessions will also encourage participants to move their bodies in ways that can: 

  • Develop self-esteem
  • Strengthen memory skills and boty awareness
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Strengthen motor skills and develop coordination
  • And most of all have fun!

New groups announced soon

Costs: $634-748

Small group size. NDIS approved provider.

Creative collaging & dance/movement therapy

This therapy group combines the creative arts therapies of both art and dance. In these sessions, children have a chance to make and create a collage. Collages are a useful way to express emotions, tap into a child’s creative side and also enhance fine motor skills. In addition to art-making, we will also practice social skills through movement-based activities. These social skills will focus on turn-taking, practising self-awareness and learning to co-operate with others, which can be helpful for when your child heads back to school.

New groups announced soon

Costs: $634-748

Small group size. NDIS approved provider.

Play Therapy Melbourne is an NDIS approved provider.

We run group programs across the year in our clinics and in outreach.

Please email us to be added to the waitlist – or let your school know if you are interested in having outreach at your child’s school.