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Our Giving Back Program

At Play Therapy Melbourne we have pledged to support a number of children each year through our Giving Back Program. Through it, we provide low or zero fee support to this children and families most in need. This program, which is supported by our wonderful interns, is the cornerstone of our practice.

Experiences of trauma are common and international studies suggest that between half to two-thirds of young people will have been exposed to at least one traumatic event by the age of 16 years. For young people in contact with the justice system, in the care of family and human services, from refugee backgrounds, working in armed forces or emergency services, from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds, the likelihood of having experienced trauma is much higher.

Early intervention for the impact of trauma is critical, particularly in instances where mental ill-health onsets, or is exacerbated, as a consequence. However, many young people do not have an opportunity to access support. The waitlist for accessing low cost or free support from organisations can often be five months or longer. This is just not good enough.

If you are interested in the program or know someone who could benefit from it, please complete the following form as an expression of interest. While we may not be able to offer a full course of therapy to all applicants, we will endeavour to provide some level of support.

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Through our Giving Back Program we aim to facilitate low cost or pro bono therapeutic support for a number of children every year. However our capacity is limited and unfortunately we are unable to support as many families as we would like to. We thank you for your understanding. If you are interested in supporting this program please contact us at admin@playtherapymelbourne.com

Our Giving Back Program