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Key Worker

Your key worker is a qualified Early Childhood professional with a minimum of a Bachelors Degree in primary or allied health, who has undertaken specific training to be able to provide therapeutic support in your home, clinic or early childhood setting (daycare/kinder).


Your Key Worker is the person you and your child will connect with the most. They will get to know you and your family well in order to understand the needs and goals of your child and provide highly tailored therapeutic interventions to support attaining your NDIS goals.

What does a Key Worker do?

Early Childhood Intervention Key workers will be your main therapist supporting your family and your child. They will consult with a trans-disciplinary team (working with your existing team or connecting with Play Therapy Melbourne’s in-house Specialists), to ensure that your child is supported to achieve their goals. This includes your key worker collaborating with a broad multi-disciplinary team including, Occupational Therapists, Mental Health Clinicians, Speech Therapists and Paediatricians. Your Key Worker will then combine the resources and strategies provided, to further enhance your child’s learning and development in your child’s natural environment and provide parent/carers with additional support.

Your Key Worker can also assist with accessing services and supports, arranging appointments with allied health or medical services in order to achieve the best outcomes. They will also provide support to link and coordinate services from internal/external allied health services, educational and other professionals.

Examples of what the Key Worker will do:

  • Promote your child’s developmental, functional & adaptive skills at the clinic, in the home or in their early childhood setting.
  • Support the development of individual skills including developmentally appropriate communication, behaviour, social & play skills.
  • Reiterate therapy strategies for the child during individual sessions.
  • Develop, review and deliver an individualised support plan for your child which is determined by NDIS goals and goals identified from working with your Family.
  • Formulate NDIS reports for each child determined by their NDIS goals.
  • Practice child-centred therapeutic practice, that is reflective and adaptable with changes in the child’s circumstance, transitions and documentation requirements.
  • Support the family to successfully implement the strategies and recommendations provided by other professionals into their daily routine.
  • Promote capacity building of the family, access, engagement, independence and participation in chosen services and individual daily living activities.
  • Support their meaningful inclusion and participation in family life and their daily routines.

Why do I need a Key Worker?

A Key Worker can assist you and your child with many of the stressors of accessing services and managing multiple appointments. Your Key Worker will be able to do this work for you and support you in making decisions regarding the services available. Your key worker is there as a key main contact and will deliver therapeutic interventions that will fulfil your child’s NDIS plan goals in line with their development.

Who is it for?

Key workers work with children aged 0-7 years old, under the National Disability Insurance Scheme Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) regardless of whether your child has received a formal diagnosis.

Areas we can service

Sunbury, Bulla, Diggers Rest

Gisborne, Riddells Creek, Romsey

Taylors Lakes, Sydenham, Hillside

Greenvale, Tullamarine, Gladstone Park, Westmeadows
Yuroke, Mickleham, Craigieburn

How can I access a Key Worker?

Submit an enquiry via our website: www.playtherapymelbourne.com, send an email to enquiries@playtherapymelbourne.com or call us on 9439 2450 or 1300 211 238 to chat to one of our team members and explore how a Key Worker could support your family.

Fee Schedule

Key Worker

Key Worker Sessions $193.99 (1.00)

Initial Parent Consultation $387.98 (2.00)

Formulation and Provision of Support Plan $193.99 (1.00)

Parent Consultation/Support $193.99 (1.00)

Concise Report $242.48 (1.25)

Comprehensive Report $484.97 (2.50)

Cancellation Fee $193.99 (1.00)

Outreach/Travel Fee $193.99 (1.00)


Longer reports will be billed at an hourly rate of $193.99 and your clinician/our accounts department will provide you with an estimate prior to commencement. Outreach/Travel fees will be billed in line with NDIS Provider Travel Guidelines.

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