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Child Centred Play Therapy

Child-centred play therapy

Our approach is non-directive. Rather than the clinician ‘guessing’ what therapeutic activity would be most helpful to the child, our non-directive approach means we let the child guide us, through their play and ways of interacting, to the exact source of their issue.

Animal Assisted Play Therapy

Animal-assisted play therapy

We are proud to offer animal-assisted play therapy in schools and organisations across Melbourne. Therapy dogs are used to complement and enhance group therapy.

Group therapy

Play Therapy Melbourne’s groups provide children with a supported and controlled environment in which their challenges can be worked through in real time, as they are happening. Children are placed in groups with peers of similar ages and/or with similar concerns.

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Other services

At Play Therapy Melbourne, our dedicated team of clinicians are committed to helping your child reach their full potential. We are passionate about children’s counselling and focus on quality outcomes delivered by experienced professionals.

Parent Support Sessions

Parent support sessions

Play Therapy Melbourne clinicians can work with parents and carers to help resolve their parenting concerns and increase parenting confidence.

Cognitive assessments

If your child is struggling with learning, cognitive assessments can be very helpful in understanding what is going on. Education and health professionals often recommend them.

Adolescent Counselling

Adolescent counselling

Parents often express their frustration about their teen’s reluctance to engage with support. We try and make this as manageable as possible by facilitating both in-clinic and online sessions.

Occupational Therapy

Paediatric occupational therapy focuses on a child’s ‘occupations’ – the jobs they need to do in their everyday lives. At Play Therapy Melbourne we work with your child holistically to understand how their brain organises trauma, regulation, executive functions and movement.

Directive Therapy

Play Therapy Melbourne uses a combination of child-centred play therapy techniques with a more directive approach to help facilitate children’s use of play while fostering their emotional literacy.

Kids Wellbeing Therapy


Play Therapy Melbourne recognises there is a lack of child and adolescent therapy services in many areas of Australia. We also know some people are reluctant to get to – or just can’t get to – appointments. In those situations, having access to teletherapy services can be invaluable.