Group Therapy

Brain Power Program

The Brain Power program supports children, educators, and families by providing presentations and collaboration, mentoring and coaching opportunities with qualified therapeutic specialists who are guided by the understanding of interpersonal neurobiology and the nervous system. 


This program focusses on positive, strength-based approaches to support children’s social and emotional wellbeing and uses play-based approaches. The presentations draw on the frameworks and approaches used within clinical practice but have been adapted to suit educators and families. 


The program is offered in 3 levels: 

  • Level 1: Two 2-hour presentations for educators on social skills, brain development and emotional wellbeing with a focus on understanding the brain states

  • Level 2: Level 1 support and one 2-hour presentation for parents and caregivers on similar topics, adapted for parents

  • Level 3: Level 2 support and five 2-hour service visits from a therapeutic specialist for mentoring and observation of staff.  to observe educators and teachers, provide modelling of techniques and reflective skills.


This program will be delivered across Kindergartens from 2023. For funding information, please visit the Department of Education’s School Readiness Funding page.

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