Mack Harkin Strain

Group Facilitator & Future Healthcare Innovator

As a dedicated and compassionate individual with a unique background in both biomedical sciences and commerce, Mack is driven by a profound commitment to support and enhance the well-being of children through therapeutic group interventions.

Mack is currently pursuing a dual degree in Biomedical Sciences and Commerce, where he has developed a comprehensive understanding of human health, psychology, and the business dynamics that underpin the healthcare industry. Mack’s education has equipped him with a holistic perspective on the needs of children in a therapeutic context and has provided him with the skills necessary for supporting children in this space.

Mack’s passion for working with children in therapeutic groups stems from a deep-seated desire to make a positive impact on their lives; he believes that children are the future and that nurturing their emotional, social, and psychological well-being is crucial for their overall development.

Mack is currently completing a double degree, Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Biomedicine (completion 2024).