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Positive behavioural support

At Play Therapy Melbourne, PBS is a values-driven approach that aims to protect a person’s rights and to promote quality of life for them, their families and others.

We view ‘challenging behaviours’ as often reflecting a mismatch between a person’s needs and what is provided. All behaviour has a purpose or ‘function’. It is important to work out what this is.
We set specific goals with our behaviour support plan as we believe these increase our chances of success.
PBS is different from general parenting approaches or popular behaviour management programs in that it is purely positive and carries out a comprehensive assessment of the individual closely matching the intervention to the assessment considering the function.
At Play Therapy Melbourne, PBS means we work positively and proactively.
Teamwork, consultation and collaboration are an important part of PBS.
We implement our support consistently across settings and over time.
At Play Therapy Melbourne, we believe that setting specific goals for a behaviour support plan will increase the chances of success. We actively include participants in our Goal Setting. Goals should focus on increasing quality of life, as well as the provision of appropriate support. A goal should include information on what the actual goal is, who is involved, the actions each person will take, how progress will be measured, and who will measure it. Goals should be reviewed at appropriate intervals to measure the effectiveness of any recommendations or supports made to support these goals.

PBS Program Steps

  • Assessment, observation and interviewing to support our understanding of the triggers and causes of challenging behaviours and their function
  • Development of a person-centred plan to recognise the participants goals
  • Collaboration with others, including family, caretakers, professionals, and support providers- to contribute to the planning
  • Building skills such as communication and interaction without resorting to challenging behaviours
  • Developing the staff of caretakers and providers by understanding the techniques to perform the support strategies that are necessary to the programme
  • Supporting environmental changes to enhance the participants experience and eliminate possible sources of negative behaviour
  • Reducing restrictive practices that may limit the participants freedom for their safety. Focus on elimination of restrictive practices
  • Periodic review and assessment to measure outcomes of PBS plan

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