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Play Therapy Melbourne clinicians collaborate with parents to help them finding parenting solutions that work for their family. Clinicians treat parents as the 'experts' on their child(ren)  and support parents to find strategies that support their goals while strengthening family relationships.

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We have found teletherapy (online over a secure internet service) has helped us reach clients we would otherwise not have been able to support.  We work with adolescents, who love this medium, and we find even those resistant to 'therapy' are happy to engage from the comfort of their own surrounds.  With younger children we share a 'special play box' during their sessions and busy Parents find teletherapy an easier means through which they can connect without attending a clinic appointment.

Holding Tummy

One thing that we see a lot of in our clinic are the attachment challenges that come around those early months (0-18).   We believe that a lot of the issues that arise could easily be solved by some pre birth preparation.  What kind of sleep technique suits your family best? What kind of routine and schedule are you going to use?  If there are two of you, what roles will you agree on?  Are you both on the same page? These are the nuts and bolts of those early months.  Or, you may be welcoming a second child and want to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible. We work with you to find out what works best for you and your family.


We use evidenced based techniques to help support you and your baby from birth onwards to be able to move towards improved sleeping patterns.  We also understand that sleep difficulties are not just for infants- we can help with gentle support and techniques for children of all ages who are experiencing sleep difficulties.