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Play Therapy Melbourne | NDIS Provider, ASD Therapy, Child Counselling.

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Play Therapy Melbourne runs many groups in schools and organisations across Melbourne.


Schools and organisations find groups advantageous because:

  • Children who may not be able to attend external counselling can often attend group therapy at school

  • Children who may otherwise reject individual counselling will often attend group therapy because their peers are there

  • Children whose parents/carers cannot afford individual therapy can often afford group therapy.


Play Therapy Melbourne groups provide children with a supported and controlled environment in which their challenges can be worked through in real time, as they are happening. Children are placed in groups with peers of similar ages and/or with similar concerns.

As the group is a real-life situation, children’s challenges often manifest. For example, peer rejection, social anxiety, low self-worth, poor peer communication. The value of this is that the issues occur in a controlled environment where the clinician can support children through their difficulties, and engage other children in the group to help each other.


Child group members can act as powerful healers for each other, in a way that an adult clinician cannot. With the clinician’s guidance, children can feel heard and supported by the other children and feel validated and normalised as they hear others have experienced similar concerns.


Children are able to:

  • Foster friendships

  • Build social confidence

  • Feel listened to

  • Feel validated and normalised in their concerns

  • Have healthy communication modelled by the clinician and then have the opportunity to practice these skills.


Play Therapy Melbourne is also in the privileged position of providing Animal Assistance in some groups.