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In the lead up to having a baby sometimes all the focus can be placed on the birth. It’s such an unknown experience! Then, when the baby comes, it often leaves little time for thinking through the best approach to the many areas of parenting a baby.


At Play Therapy Melbourne, we believe many of the relationship and parenting issues that may arise when having a new baby can be resolved with a little prior exploration and preparation.


Play Therapy Melbourne clinicians can help new parents explore any relevant areas to pertinent to raising a baby, and help you decide what ideas suit your family best.


Some of the common exploration topics include:

  • How you will get your baby to sleep – will you rock your baby to sleep or get them to self-settle?

  • If you want your baby to self-settle, what techniques will you use? Is the technique you prefer appropriate at all ages?

  • Will you co-sleep in the same room or get your baby to sleep in their own room?

  • Will you breast feed, bottle feed, or a combination of both? Do you have a back-up plan?

  • Will you parent with a schedule in mind or be led by your baby?

  • How will your roles change? Will you both tend to the baby equally? Will one parent do most of the work while the other provides? Will the providing parent pitch in when they get home from work?


Play Therapy Melbourne clinicians are strongly grounded in research-based approaches that put parent-child attachment at the forefront and consider the appropriateness of each technique in relation to the infant’s age.

We recognise it can be hard to find time to attend appointments when you’re a new parent. Play Therapy Melbourne can offer appointments via tele-link and after hours if required.