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At Play Therapy Melbourne we are committed to working with qualified professionals. Our Specialists are highly skilled in their area of expertise and our Senior Play Therapy Clinicians have completed an undergraduate degree in psychology, social work, counselling or similar, and have completed postgraduate training at a Masters Level or equivalent at a recognised training institute.


All Clinicians are registered with their relevant professional body. We are focused on ensuring that we support our Team with ongoing professional development and engage in regular supervision to support growth and ensure our clients are receiving the highest quality professional care.

Allied Health Specialists

Allied Health Specialists

Nicole Bester

Occupational Therapist

Allied Health Specialists

Kevin Kao

Occupational Therapist

Allied Health Specialists

Gabbie Tomlin

Occupational Therapist

Operations / Client Relations

Operations / Client Relations

Mady Rowlands

Finance Manager

Operations / Client Relations

Jo Bennallack

Intake and Allocation

Operations / Client Relations

Jillian Wallis

Practice Manager

Operations / Client Relations

Aditi Sawarkar

Digital Content Creator

Therapy Animals

Play Therapy Dogs

Bella, RUBI, Marley

Therapy Dogs

Bella, who works with her handler Robynne, is highly popular with her young clients.   



Rubi and her handler Mandy Easton were trained in animal-assisted therapy in 2012. Rubi has a natural ability to help children and young people through daily struggles, stress, anxiety, depression and anger. Rubi loves to bring about self-awareness, reflection, play, mindfulness, empathy and love in children and young people’s lives.



Therapy Guinea Pigs

Meet Andy and Terry, the only members of our team paid in spinach!

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Melbourne City Mission
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